Personalize Your Wedding Cake With a Unique Topper

The very top of your wedding cake is where a topper goes, and you can have lots of fun with that. This is a place for a couple to less some of their own personalities shine through. For example a really fun one is the groom or the bride that is being dragged to the event by the other party.

There are wedding toppers that showcase different ethnic backgrounds as well. For many people it is important for them to have themselves as well as their partner symbolized this way. It can be harder to find the right topper when you have two different ethnic backgrounds involved but that is definitely becoming more available due to a demand for them.

Some of these toppers are offered with pets such as dogs and cats in them too. If you consider your pets to be a vital part of your life together then why not add them to this occasion?

There are quite a few blended families these days as well. A wedding topper doesn’t have to be just the couple. If there are children coming into the marriage then get one with them included in it. That will make the children feel like they are a huge part of the wedding day.

Your personal style can come into the picture with your wedding cake topper too. For example if you wear your cowboy hat all the time, even for your wedding, then why not get a topper with the groom wearing one? Any personalized elements like that are very fun to bring into the picture.

If you want to go with a traditional topper of a bride and groom there are lots of them to select from. You will find they are offered with the figures in different positions so you can easily find exactly what you are interested in.

While it is more expensive, you can even have them custom made. Just provide a photo of the bride and groom. Then their heads will be placed onto the figurines for the cake topper. This can create a wonderful wedding reception keepsake and you are going to get lots of great comments on the item as well.

There are wedding cake toppers with beloved characters including the Disney clan and Precious Moments. You may find that you want to have those included on your wedding day. Others are more ceremonial in nature such as those that honor a branch of the armed forces. With so many men and women in the military these days such wedding cake toppers are great selling items.

There are others that aren’t figurines of people at all. This can include a heart-shaped wedding cake topper or one with a pair of symbolic doves. If you both love to ride motorcycles or other adventures then you may want one like that you can display on the cake. Sports-related themes are very popular too so check out what all you can choose from in this category too.

You can go online and find a vast selection of great wedding toppers. You will find more of them this way than if you go to party stores or bridal stores locally. Have some fun shopping for this once in a lifetime accessory. It is a great way to bring your wedding cake to life and to make it personally yours as you start your life out together.