Custom Figurines – An Easy and Wonderfully Unique Gift

Bobblehead dolls are very popular among sports fans because most sporting events sell or give out these dolls as a souvenir or as a collectible item.

If you want to give a very unique and highly-personalized gift for your loved ones or friends, a custom figurine with his likeness will be a perfect solution for holidays and important events in your life.

With the advances in technology, making your own personalized custom figurine is now easier than ever and it will make a lasting effect that will be remembered long after the event or the holiday is over.

Having your own bobblehead doll is now easier than ever. Many manufacturers have joined this mini-revolution by offering a cheap and easy way of personalizing your dolls through the internet and having them shipped to you, so you can personally present them to the subject of the event.

Custom figurines come in many shapes and forms. From animals, real or imaginary, through famous sports stars or movie stars to politicians. But the best way is ordering your custom figurines to look like a person you know or the one you are about to present it to as a gift.

The first step is to decide what you want to create. Most of the companies that sell these dolls have a stock of figurines in shapes of a man, woman, or more than one – a couple, at their wedding day for example. Going over the different body types can give you an idea of whether you want it to be lifelike or funny and making a statement. There are custom figurines that are dressed in a specific manner to denote a profession – doctor wearing a lab coat or surgery garb, nurse, lawyer, or a builder. Some of those body types are half-naked, representing a bodybuilder or a surfer with swimming trunks.

Once you chose the body type and the coloring of the desired figure, all you have to do is send the company a picture of the person you want the bobblehead to look like. Usually two angles are required, front and profile to give the sculptor a good idea of how the person looks. Expert sculptors will capture unique facial features and other distinguishing facial characteristics. This doll is then made according to the picture and you will get a picture of this head for your approval. Changes can be made at this stage and your input is very important.

Once you approve it, the custom figurine is made, in as many copies as you need. The mock-up figure will be finalized, treated, and put in a specialized oven. After this process, these dolls will get a final touch by artists who will add colors to it, and they will ship it to you. That is all it takes.

Now you have in your possession a bobblehead doll that will be a center of attention and a conversation piece. Unlike many other gifts that are never looked at again, this personalized item will be there for many years to come, always reminding the recipient of you – the gift originator.